Sandra Duncan

Designing COVID-19 Preschool Environments: The Butterfly Approach

COVID-19 has brought about numerous changes in how we work with young children. One of the biggest challenges is physical distancing. The call to physically distance children—sometimes as many as six feet—has caused us to rethink the classroom landscape, especially for those classrooms with limited square footage.

Learn how to overcome the challenge of limited space with a unique strategy for classroom layout called The Butterfly Approach. Joining me will be:

Zlata Stankovic-Ramirez, PhD

Zlata’s experience in working as a preschool teacher, director, mentor, and high education instructor gives her a full-focus appreciation and knowledge of learning environments. Zlata’s research and passion is early childhood environments for young children.

Lauren Magee, Architect

Lauren is the Director of Architecture of Environmental Design at Guidecraft. She also has taught architectural design in higher education for many years.