Sandra Duncan

Sense of Place Wee Ones Furniture Collection

The Sense of Place for Wee Ones collection conceived by Dr. Sandra Duncan is the first modular furniture system that nurtures a child’s inherent need to move, play, and belong. Built upon extensive research and theory, this beautiful collection provides infants and toddlers with an environment that supports their innate play patterns and encourages physical and cognitive development.

Innovative 360° play design

The innovative 360° play design and the incorporation of intentional holes, ramps, mirrors and levels, transforms traditional storage into exciting play opportunities and encourages young children to actively engage with the furniture from all sides.
Infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds have a natural drive to move and explore. Designed to purposefully encourage their innate play patterns and repetitive behaviors, the Sense of Place for Wee Ones Collection invites children to enthusiastically connect with the world around them and gain deeper understandings by amplifying the axioms of sensorimotor play.

Carrying & Placing

Children have an ingrained need to transport items. This collection inspires them to transport balls, ribbon, and other materials to explore how the items interact with each piece of furniture.

Hiding & Revealing

Children are compelled to put stuff in holes! This collection features many intentional holes and hiding places for them to investigate and to watch as items disappear and reappear again.

Making & Unmaking

Children are intuitive improvisers and creatives. Watch children interact with the Sense of Place for Wee Ones Collection as they invent and devise unique ways to use each piece.

Turning & Stopping

Designed to include knobs, ramps, and varying levels, this collection engages children’s natural inclination to spin, roll, turn, and inspect different levels on apparatus.

Sense of Place for Wee Ones celebrates the spirit of place by rejoicing in the wonder of childhood and the importance of being little. The key features of this collection emerged from innate characteristics that infants and toddlers exhibit. These characteristics are intricately woven throughout the design.

Movement Connoisseur

Wee ones have an inherent need to move. Through its intentional design, this collection promotes the repetitive movements that children need to engage in to learn, grow and develop.

Sensory Seeker

Wee ones use all of their senses while establishing understanding of their environments. Details in this collection like ramps, holes, mirrors, and levels enrich play and encourage sensorial experiences.


Wee ones will exuberantly navigate their environments in unique and unusual ways. Coves, tunnels and pieces designed to be interacted with from all sides, provide visual and physical pathways throughout the classroom.

Enthusiastic Improviser

Wee ones interpret their environment in unexpected ways. The furniture in this collection can easily be rearranged and reorganized, creating modular systems that meet their changing needs.

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