Classroom makeover initiative at the YMCA in San Antonio


Inspire 2023 invites delegates into a world of fantasy opportunity and reality. It proposes that to work in the early years of education, we must foster our ability to fantasise about possibilities and release ourselves from practice and mindsets that can trap us from moving forward. Inspire 2023 straddles our ability to dream big whilst ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional outcomes. What might our sector look like if we dared to dream? What might children’s education look like if we could release ourselves from the mundane and collapse into the world of delight? Opportunity presents itself when we take a leap of faith and see the many ways in which our practices might present themselves in the everyday. It invites teams to travel as a collective and aspire for the extraordinary in a world that can settle for the ordinary. Our collective wisdom and power as a sector afford us the opportunity to create a new reality—a reality that positions us to succeed well into the future. Inspire 2023: Fantasy, Opportunity, Reality is your opportunity to experience a conference beyond your expectations.

INSPIRE 2023 provides a forum for national and international speakers to share evidence-based ideas. Facilitated through a range of learning experiences including keynotes, panels and interactive spaces, our accomplished presenters will offer a range of provocations to stimulate reflections, dialogue and debate.