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Dr. Sandra Duncan

Sandra works to assure the miracle and magic of childhood through indoor and outdoor play space environments that are intentionally designed to connect young children to their early learning environments, communities, and neighborhoods. Dr. Duncan is an international consultant, author of six books focused on the environmental design of early childhood places, designer of two furniture collections called Sense of Place and Sense of Place for Wee Ones, and adjunct faculty at Nova Southeastern University. Sandra has designed and taught university courses on built early learning environments, collaborating with architects, interior designers and educators to create extraordinary places and possibilities for children and students of all ages.

Nature in Classrooms

Nature—with its infinite and boundless glory—is a kaleidoscope filled with wonder. Like a kaleidoscope, nature changes from moment to moment, revealing intricate patterns, dazzling colors, and magnificent feasts to our eyes. Yet, for many of us, nature is often thought of as something to enjoy and discover in the outside world and minimal attention is given to bringing the outside into the classroom. Learn how to bring the beautiful kaleidoscope of nature into your classroom to ignite and inspire children’s wonder.

Sense of Place

With its modern aesthetics, many authentic and real-life details, and considerations for what the youngest of children need to thrive best in their first learning environments, the Sense of Place furniture collection provides educators a beautiful backdrop to creating the most meaningful and lasting of learning experiences in early education classrooms for years to come.

Heart-centered Environmental Design

Sandra Duncan and the president of Guidecraft, Gary Bilezikian, were honored to collaborate and contribute to the 250th issue of Exchange Magazine, where they shared their views on the importance of empathic and heart-centered design of early childhood environments.